New firmwares (v1.13) for Pioneer DVR-A07U/XL and DVR-107D

I just posted the article New firmwares (v1.13) for Pioneer DVR-A07U/XL and DVR-107D.

ljhamilton was
kind enough to use our news submit to tell us that Pioneer has
released several new firmwares on their website. The firmwares all improve the
recording quality on several…

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NEC are you looking?

LITEON COME on 411/811 users are waiting long enough NEED BETTER FIRMWARES :c

Grrrr, I agree, lite on 811s NEEDS newer and BETTER firmware right now, plextor is updating frecuently so is doing pioneer, where is Lite-on??¿?¿? Next time I’ll buy a plextor for sure.

Lesson learned, Plextor’s higher prices pay for more developers. Firmware doesn’t make itself, you can’t have econo prices and premier support at the same time.