New firmwares! Updated site!

Hello!!! Now I have updated the page!

I have uploaded WORKING firmwares! I shuld not be any problems with them now.

Alexnoe: You can check them again if you want. But this time it must be working ones!

Allso I got the first firmware for 48126S!!! Yes I know…
But I have not personaly tested it yet because I have not that burner. So be carefull! But the guy that send it to me said that it shuld work OK. He has backed up the firmware from his burner that are a orginal 48126S model.

Thats all!

( Update 2002-09-27)
There is no known problems any more. Allso 2S07 firmware are allso on the page.

Here you got the site!


Is the VS06 firmware for the LTR-48125W supposed to provide Mt Ranier support?

Yes it is. Don’t be foled by the date. That only says when the file was uploaded. :slight_smile: You know… I hade corupted files before.

But now it shuld be fine. =)

Thanks Alexnoe!


VS06 is still bad! Did you again use that strange exe->bin tool?

I flashed my Verbatim 40x12x48 with VS06 and it does not show Mt. Ranier support. I couldn’t find where it said specifically that VS06 had Mt. Ranier support but I did see that VS02 had it and it seemed strange that it would have been dropped from a later version. So I’ll try a re-flash.

I just posted the following in another thread, but I’ll repeat it here:

The MTKFlash directions say to put the drive on the primary IDE, but the flashing options show settings for when the drive is on the secondary channel or even the secondary IDE.
Is it really necessary to have the drive on the primary IDE?

(It’s a pain in the butt to switch and reroute cables to the hard drives on the primary IDE that have been optimized for air flow.)

(I know I should remove the cable for my Liteon 163D when flashing)

NOOOOOO!!! Alexnoe… I have flashed first with VS02 the updated with VS06.exe from liteon’s official webbsite.

then used mtkflash to read the bastard from the burner. I have tested the firmware allso. It work OK. It must be something wrong with your file. Because I can NOT find any wrong with it.


Hi i had the old VS06 firmware off the site , is that why it drops to 24x after 50% , how do u no that its bad ??


Have tested with diferet media? TIPEX2003


I’m starting to thinking about liteon’s official firmwares are bad. I don’t know… Do you know? Or have Alexnoe wrong? Or do I have wrong?



How would we tell if it is good or bad? It looks like you just posted the new VS06 today. How would alexnoe know now (<=- that’s pretty good) - already that it is bad? I just flashed mine Sunday (with the corrupted file) and it seemed Ok but I have only tried 40x as I do not have any 48x rated media. For the few Cd’s I burned I did nto get any errors. The only thing I was expecting was to ahve Mt. Ranier support.

Dyzan: I agree that the way you made your file must give a good file.
But my file is obtained the same way…this should not lead to different files! Could you try to reflash with the VS06.bin you’ve extracted from your drive?

@Tam: I did a binary compare of my file ans Dyzan’s file.
I will investigate this.

You say that Mt Rainier is not shown. Please try that: If it then shows Mt Rainier…then I wonder.

The funny thing is that I did the same before with VS06. Extracted it from my own burner. And I think it’s no diferent betwen this newer and the older.

My theory is that the official firmware can be differ VS the orginal firmware that comes with the burner. Are you with me?

And one more thing. I don’t lie about this! I’am very serius about this to.

If anybody have an idé? Can any bode try to put in VS02 and the uppgrade to VS06 firmware from Liteon’s official webbsite, and then extract the file and compare with mine. And we will se who has right.


Yes, Alexnoe I can try.


alexnoe -

Above you asked Dyzan if he used his strange exe to bin program - I assume you mean the one on his website (litefirm.exe). Is there another? Where can I get it?

I have Liteon’s official VS06 and would like to convert it and re-flash my drive with mtkflash.

I’ve just downloaded the Liteon windows flasher again. It’s binarily identical to the one I used some time ago.

The next strange thing is that someone continuously had bad flashes with your bad file from yesterday (while mine fixed it), but that others didn’t have problems with the same files.

The only thing which I’m clear about is that there are strange things going on :confused:

Please do several flashs and reads: flash with vs06, read that one into vs06_1, then flash with vs06_1, read into vs06_2 etc several times. Then compare your first file with your last one (e.g. with fc file1 file2 under windows 2000)

I’ll do the same. I somehow think that one of us will not have identical files after this procedure…

Is the Liteon windows flasher Ok to use? I thought mtkflash was the only recommended one - or is it only needed if the drive becomes corrupt? I am running Win XP Pro on a KR7A-133Raid - with raid disabled ( I can’t remember if I am running native XP or VIA IDE drviers)

Hi no i havnt treid diferent media , just traxdata and ritek unbranded which is the same as the trax data , i no if u i used a 40x brand then there was no pause and the speed drop to smack on 24x no 24.2 etc just 24x all the time but if i used the 40x media it would go all the way , so i then used the 40x speed firware off ure site the zs0k to put it back to a 40x and the traxs and ritek burn up to 40 x ?? weird ,

with the vs06 it would go to about 35x then u would here the speed pause and drop to 24x and stay there till end of burn .

if i used 40x branded disk it would write the disk finishing off at 40x

ps this was using the VS06 OFF URE SITE a few weeks back just took me till now to get 48x disks , should i try the new vs06 uve put up ??

OK. Now I have tested. And it works great! I don’t understand this at all! Why does it work perfect for me and bad for some other people?

Well Alexnoe. I can only say this. We put both files on the webbpage. Or is that a bad idé???


My DVD has just burned ready, so I’ll now flash to VS02, use the windows upgrader for VS06 and then compare the file to yours.

Well I can try Alexnoe.

But not now. I got to go to work tomorow. Have to sleep. :slight_smile:

Goodnight! :slight_smile:


And do so…