New Firmwares: TS08 (SOHW-1213S) and GS0K (LDW-851S)



G’day all,

LiteON has release new firmware revisions for the LDW-851S and the SOHW-1213S.

Download them from


GS0K (usable with OmniPatcher):




Edit: More information…

GS0K, dated 2004/05/25 10:24, is over a month old. Grr. But certainly newer than GS0H! Need to do some tests with this firmware to see how it compares to GSC2. I’m hopeful that it will do as well as GSC2, so that people would finally have an official upgrade path. :slight_smile:

TS08, dated 2004/06/03 16:47, is identical to the TS08 firmware that’s been sitting on dhc014’s website. Nothing really exciting. You’ve already seen rdgrimes’ tests with it.


code65536, would you be able to let us know what the changes are with regards to media support comparing GS0H and GS0K for the LDW-851S? I’ll give this firmware a go (after a little modding of course!) tomorrow morning my time (GMT +8.00 :)).



Media support for GS0K, GSC2, US0N, and OC-Freak’s VS05 are all identical.

Using RAR solid archiving and seeing how well two files compress is a fairly good indicator of how similar two files are. Based on that heuristic, it looks like the GS0K and US0N are almost identical. And based on a direct compare of the bytes, it looks like about over 94% of the firmware is identical between GS0K and US0N is identical. So based on this very crude and primitive first observation of the firmware, my expectations are for GS0K to perform something like US0N, and given how US0N does on the 812S, I have high hopes for GS0K.


I hope it works better than GSC2 on my #*@&%!# heap of a drive! (Mind you, I DID purchase my LDW-451S as a KProbe drive, so…)



My drive actually came with TS08. I was surprised to see it listed as “new”. As anyone who has read rdgrimes’ tests can guess, I’m really looking forward to TS09 (or higher).



Oops. Almost forgot to post this… for 451S@851S, you’ll have to patch GS0K with the OmniPatcher. However, because the official GS0K flasher is scrambled, you will have to use our repackaged GS0K flasher if you want to use the OmniPatcher with this firmware…

(TerminalVeloCD, I edited some links into your first post so that it’ll be easier for people to find… hope you don’t mind ;))


Mabe TS0D, or there abouts. :wink: They’ve got a long way to go.


Have Code Guys had a chance to look at the differences between TDK FW and TS08? There sure seem to be some differences.


can’t wait for more news from code64k :slight_smile: gsc2 was fantastic for me, for +Rs, im so hoping -Rs have improved :slight_smile:


Over and over we see VS05 listed , when will it be ready for download. Im pleased that some have had it to play with, but its really getting on my nerves seeing people talk about it but no where to download it.



When LiteOn quits sitting on their lazy ass and put it on their page! In the meantime, US0N is a very nice firmware.


Cmon code, tell it like it is… That’s “fat” lazy ass :stuck_out_tongue:


Aren’t you the one that mentioned VS08?



read it again what I said was or maybe VS08 I could have said VS0A and meant the same thing I was not saying there is VS08 but using it as an example of FW #.


Reading it again wouldn’t have changed my interpretation, but I understand now what you meant.


:slight_smile: I think it was easy to make that mistake and I see now I was not as clear as I could have been. I think We all are looking for some kind of roswell like coverup to put blame on why we dont have fw xyz for drive abc. I find it odd that liteon would have fw dated over 2 months ago VS03 then release one dated over month ago VS04, and pass a copy of fw VS05 to small group then wait over month to even post any update to their webpage and then that update is for 851 and 1213 internal date on 851 fw is back in may 2004. and the 1213 internal date is old too. Also it can be noticed that the sony 700a fw VY05 had number of oddities in it that VY02 does not. example

1> no bitsetting sony says its not +R standard we removed it.
2> it wont copy games well odd VY02 did
3> media that burned fine on VY02 wont on Vy05
4> playback of some retail movies have been noted on forum to be worse in this version, over VY02


OK, my LiteON LDW-451S(@851S) is behaving worse than an untrained dog. I’ve been getting average PI >400 and average PO >30 with GS0K compared to PI average <6 and PO average <0.05 with GS0F. I’m now thinking of ditching this drive and replacing it with an SOHW-812S@832S. :a



I told you so! :wink: It’s a firmware issue. A lot of things changed between GS0F and GS0H. LiteOn made a lot of changes to how the drive writes. And as you can see in GS0H, things weren’t all that great. Looks like they resolved a number of the issues going in going from GS0H to GS0K/US0N, but it still stands that a lot of things changed between 0F to 0K, so many things are better in 0K, some things are still worse from that whole change…

I’m now thinking of ditching this drive and replacing it with an SOHW-812S@832S.

Don’t do it. That won’t solve your problem. Trust me on this one. This is because, as I said, US0N is nearly identical to GS0K. Whatever you experience in GS0K, you will experience in the 2S firmwares. The particular changes made in the firmware made it unable to correctly cope with your media type. Just stick with 0F and try 0K again when you get different media. :wink:


From what I’ve seen, the SOHW-812S is a better writer than the LDW-851S (Correct me if I’m wrong!). I do belive that the problems I am having are both firmware and drive related, because I have seen outstanding results with other LDW-451S’s with GSC2 and that GS0F produces perfect results for me. Another example of “batch variation”?