New firmwares for LTC-48161H (KH0R), SOHC-5232K (NK0G), and SOHD-167T (9S19)

As the title indicates…

LTC-48161H - KH0R - “Aug31 ,2004” - official download
SOHC-5232K - NK0G - “Sep07 ,2004” - official download
SOHD-167T - 9S19 - “2004/09/16 13:43” - official download

As usual, patched versions can be found here.

Can anyone even notice any differences with NK0G or 9S19? Why the bloody hell does LiteOn keep releasing new firmwares when the existing ones seem to work just fine? Anyway, patched versions of all three firmwares are posted.

BTW, according to KProbe2’s media support function, no new media was added between KH0Q and KH0R. +R DL reading support was added, however. Took them long enough. Anyone with a 5232K want to find out what (if any) new media is supported in this so-called “match more media” firmware?

No new media supported for the SOHC-5232K :frowning: still has 191 media in the list same as NK0E :a . I wish they would actually state the real changes they make, it would make life much easier.