New firmwares for Liteon LTD163



I have the Liteon LTD163 DVD-ROM drive with the GH5E firmware. I was wondering if there were any updated or hacked firmwares for this drive and, if so, what the benefits are for updating.


You may find this page to be helpful:

Yes, there are hacked firmwares for this drive. These hacked firmwares will increase the reading speed of recordable/rewritable DVD media (so it’s pointless unless you have such media). These hacked firmwares are temporarily unavailable for a day or two because I’m currently in the process of doing some updates to them.

The hacked firmwares are found at:


Welcome to the forum the maynard.
You have the latest firmware but you can make it region free here.
I see your enjoying your faster burns.Have you burnt any +R yet? With the book settings hack your Liteon will get up to 16x read speed.


GH5Y is the latest…


I have a re-badged 163 with GH5S hacked firmware, is this the equivalent of GH5Y.


No, GH5Y is newer.


No I don’t have any +r media yet but I think I will be buying that from now on. I wasn’t aware of the difference between +r and -r until I visited here and found out that +r media can be made to fool older DVD players into thinking it’s a regular ROM disc. In case I burn stuff for friends or family this would be the best way to go.

My DVD-ROM drive was rated on the box as being able to read at 16x but it never has gotten that high. I think 10x was the highest ever and that was towards the end of the disc.

I’ll try updating the FW with some of the links here and see what happens. Thanks for the invite and the welcome.


I see you got the page up with all the ROM firmwares. Thanks! I downloaded the most recent one and will be flashing it soon. I was wondering if there was a FW backup program just in case anything happens. The Liteon FW Back up tool doesnt work on my drive.


MtkFlash, which you will use to flash your drive, can also be used to perform the backup.


I’ll look for MTKFlash then. But the FW I downloaded from your site has the flash utility built in and is windows based. But it doesn’t have a backup option. Is the backup something that can only be done in DOS?


The 163/163D firmwares on my website are raw firmwares and do not have flash utilities built-in. Only the 165H/166S/167T firmwares have built-in flashers.

Perhaps you mistook digi’s website for my website? Because the firmwares on digi’s site has built-in flashers. But if you navigate his menu, he also keeps some firmwares that are not enclosed in Windows flashers…

MtkFlash guide & download:


You’re right, I was looking at digi’s site. My bad. Thanks for the link to the instructions. I’ll get right on it. First, though, I’m going to fully benchmark the reading and ripping speeds before I flash it and then compare it to after.


I successfully flashed the gh5y firmware and the drive works. It still reads at the same speed. I did a speed test on the movie The Ring and the fastest it went was 8.36x. The speed curve was perfect before and after. It started at 3x and moved at a perfect slope up to 8x and then back down when it changed layers. I was just hoping that it would speed it up a little because I thought it was a 16x drive. Oh well, at least it still works and I didn’t screw it up! :slight_smile: Thanks guys.

Oh by the way, I could not get that MTKFlash program to backup my original FW so I took a chance on updating it. And I noticed that it enabled the Mt Rainer CD option. What is this exactly? I’ve heard of it but nothing about what it is.
I also thought I screwed up the flash because it wasn’t seeing the movie in the drive. But when I started DVDDecrypter it said that the region wasnt set so I set it for USA and then it worked fine.

Again, thanks for your help guys!