New firmwares: DVR-A03/A04

=> Both drives can now write to highspeed dvd-r discs at 2x

I could download the new DVR-A03 and DVR-A04 firmware from Pioneer Australia but are they now available in other Pioneer sites?

Pioneer DVD Recorders Firmware

Pioneer DVR-A03/103

Pioneer DVR-A03/103 Firmware 2.00

Pioneer DVR-A04/104

Pioneer DVR-A04/104 Firmware 1.40


I made this thread sticky - temporarily - as DVR-A03/103/A04/104 drives and their rebadged drives have been the most popular so far

See also this thread at the Firmware forum and this thread at The Firmware Page site.

Gradius’s hacked firmware:
A04 RPC-1 only and RPC-1 + 2x4all patch for v1.40
A03 RPC-1 only and RPC-1 + 2x4all patch for v2.00

Back to downloadable now (the links were unavailable for a few days.)

I’ve justed played a bit with CloneCD: My DVR-A03 now works with CloneCD RAW-SAO (before, it didn’t work at all with CloneCD).
Overburning is still not supported at all, neither CloneCD nor Nero does.

EDIT: Now it suddenly doesn’t work…