New Firmwares: BenQ DW1655 BCGB and DW1650 BCFC

I guess soon, maybe this is also a leaked firmware.

BCFC still suffered the problem of speed scan dips at 8X P-CAV. :disagree:

There is another sign of that firmware

a post from the above mentioned forum also reveals that a new firmware BCGB will be released for 1655 soon!

Very nice, but scanning dips still exist! :frowning:



Thanks a lot for the links trenmik, highly appreciated.

Any info on what was changed / improved with this new firmware?

The other BenQ sites I checked don’t seem to have it yet.

Thanks man. Is there any changelog on the china site? :flower:

This cd-rw bug is not fixed in BCFC for the DW 1650.

Hm, links don’t seem to work anymore. That’s kinda fishy if you ask me.

I’ll wait with flashing until the firmware shows up on the other BenQ sites as well.

These links work for me. :slight_smile:

Yes, the direct links still seem to work indeed, thanks. I wonder why I can’t browse the BenQ China service pages anymore. Maybe due to high load.

As said here already, the links seem to work again. Guess the BenQ China site got ‘CD freaked’… :wink:

Errr why is that firmware not on the BenQ website?> is it official or not?

Has any1 testest the new firmware?

I tend to agree. Even if it’s legitimate BenQ fw,
what if there’s a difference between fw for China
and fw for the rest of the world? I seem to remember
sometime in the past there was a version of fw
that was only for drives sold in China, but I don’t
remember now which drive (1620?) or fw…

No, these firmware revisions are the real deal. New drives currently being produced come standard with these new revisions. I have pushed BenQ Technical Support hard for the release of these goodies for my upcoming review of the BenQ DW1650.


What will the delay be like for them to have the new firmware up at the UK site would you say?

Who knows, the 1650&1655 are still not listed on the US site at all. As for me, I’ll flash this as soon as I get home to see if it fixes the CDRW issue. If not, I’ve lost nothing, since I don’t have any SolidBurn info stored. Back and forth between BCDB and BCGB shouldn’t be a problem. Unfortunately, I’m working on a big CD w/ LightScribe Label project and I am out of things that need to go on DVD at the moment.