New Firmwares again

I’m a complete newbie when it comes to flashing drives with unofficial firmware so i’m a bit nervous of bricking my brand new Sony Optiarc AD-5280s-ob. My last burner was a samsung and i was able to set DVD+R to DVD-ROM simply using nero 6 express settings. But it doesn’t seem to work with this sony burner and the bitsetting facility in this modified firmware looks just what i need. Not to mention the RPC1.

I’ve read all the documentation i can find and the process looks straightforward using necflash_wingui and 101bt_rpc1.bin. (I have the 1.01 firmware at present and can find any info on 1.01b). I just thought i’d ask if anyone has used these files/this method and whether it worked OK. (No offence to Liggy intended - especially as it’s my first post!)