New Firmwares 1/10/2006? 1101, 1105, 5115, 5005?

However, I have a LVW-5115GHC+ and already have the LNMPU018 firmware flashed to my machine. The firmware date in the zip file was 11/10/2005. Even though the website says “NEW 01/10/2006” next to my player, the firmware appears to be the same firmware that was release in November.

Odd. Maybe the others have been updated. Do they list the enhancements/fixes in the firmware between revisions anywhere?

I just got my 1105HC (so says the box anyway). I am wondering where I go to ID the firmware version that is originally installed. Do you know? I think I see the unit’s serial number on the main setup page. Also, on the download page it says to burn the single download file as a data cd. Is the download file an ISO file or do they simply want a data cd with the one file LNMFU018.DA3 on it? Thanks.


When I flashed my player, I just made an ISO CD data disk with Nero and simply put the LNMPU018.DA6 file as the only file on the disk. Make sure you close/finalize the disk as well.

At one point, I found a brief instruction page on making this disk with Nero but I can’t find it now.

EDIT: Oh, I’m not sure where to find the firmware version you have (or how to decode it). The latest file for my player is LNMPU018.DA6, and in the main setup page on my player, it has a long 16 character serial number followed by (1U65-0102). I can’t find any more designators.

Anyone updated the firmware, are there any new changes, improvements.


Updated my 1105GCH+ - so far so good… Need to watch a movie on DVD - that will have to wait a bt as NCAA Basketball tourney is on! LOL

  • UPDATE: (Is this possible via an update??)
    I just realized that the diagonal moving lines I was getting on Channel 6 - via antenna - are gone now! I can now record channel 6 now using the Liteon! (I couldn’t even turn on the recorder before if Channel 6 was being watched, because as soon as I turned on the Liteon, I’d get diagonal moving lines on the tv… !! GONE!

So either the update did it, or my fiddling with the antenna conenctions did it… now I am not sure, as I did mess with the connections before the upgrade…

:o I realized it may have been my fiddling with the antenna connections that fixed my Diagonal lines… unsure… The lines are still there sometimes, but now I can adjust the antenna, so they go away… - I couldn’t before… :o

So far, I’ve watched two movies, and recorded a lot, and played back a lot of recorded shows… (with lots of zooming, ff, rw, pause etc…) :slight_smile:

No Freeze Up!

So, I hope I can now say Thank You Light On! :clap: :clap: :clap:

I have a liteon 5005 and have followed the guidelines you have to load the firmware to my recorder but it won’t install it. It just says file on the display. I am trying to find the one for my vcr, but so far I don’t know if i have the right one or not. If you can help I would appreciate it