New firmware ZS0D for LTR-40125S

Will add Mt.Rainier and P-CAV writing support for the LTR-40125S!!!

Read more here.

Anybody that wants to comment?

And no don’t mail me or PM me or ask me for this firmware version since it is not official yet.

Jeepers… Maybe it’s time to upgrade again… :slight_smile:
P-CAV… That’s fast… :stuck_out_tongue:


That´s amazing, time to upgrade baby :stuck_out_tongue:

OC-Freak, did you testet the firmware yourself?
Are there any new improvements reading copy protections like SD2, CDS or Key2Audio?

Also what´s going on with the writing quality?
Is good or maybe even better than with the ZS0A firmware???

Waiting for your reply! :cool:

CYA V_Banshee

Here is my reply:

Because of some lazy people over at Lite-On Germany I’ve still not received my LTR-40125S that I should have got for review two months ago

What a great surprise. Now even happier I got this drive:)

Yes OC-Freak, you´re right.

I think Lite-On should generally improve their support to the costumers and to the people who test their drives :slight_smile:

Sorry for my bad English but I´m German, too :stuck_out_tongue:

CYA V_Banshee

Any new news on this firmware that adds P-CAV and MtR? And does anyone know if Plextor will add the same features to their drives via firmware?

/me is still waiting for plextor and liteon to send cdfreaks their 40x burners for review… :frowning:

I can’t get a new burner without reading a review from the Freaks!!! :smiley:

CDFreaks Plextor PX-W4012TA review

Somehow I missed it myself…