New Firmware YS0Z for 1635s released

Here’s the link

Thanks, but it was posted here already.

This is a very good firmware, been using it since Friday and it supports all the test smartburn features.

what? so it’s the official yv6m/n?

Thats a good question, I hope someone in the know would answer?

I think only Wind (or COdeKing) know the answer. :iagree:

there’s a new version of YV6N that Wind released yesterday, so YS0Z is a little older.

it only has that smartburn thing right?

btw will there be a ys0z FSB later on?

damn can’t edit sorry in advance dudes. does ys0z use old 8-12x burn curves rather than codeking’s ownage fast burn ones?

Why don’t you test it yourself and show us?

Also, does this fix the DVD-R huge-arse lead-in issue? Sold my 1635S to a friend, so can’t test right now :frowning:

That was fixed a couple of version ago, YS0X I think.

It was fixed with YS0X already :wink: Great drive, the 1635S.

That was fixed long ago. I dont know about the FB but this firmware does support all the features in the Test Smartburn.

Yes, that’s right! :iagree:

Whenever I try to upgrade I get this message, “Unable to Flash Firmware.” What do I do?

What’s your current firmware?

Try going to codekings site and flash with any stock 1635S firmware, restart and then flash YSOZ

i don’t have my 1635 at the moment

I have YSOQ at the moment