New Firmware wont reconise GSA-4167B



:confused: Hello everyone. I am having a total mare with my new LG GSA-4167B. I am running XP SP2 and have a master and slave DVD burners. The problem is that when I tryed to run the firmware update from LG (DL12) it wont recognise that the drive is installed and so it wont update anything!!

I have removed the master drive, connected the csa-4167 to the secondary IDE
and jumpered it to master (as per LGs instructions on the readme) bit long winded I know have they ever heard of recognition software??! anyway, when it wasnt recognising the thing I uninstalled XPs’ generic driver and rebooted for the auto-reinstall in hope that my efforts and surprising patience would be rewarded.

Of course that would be way too easy. Closer inspection reveals that the driver XP has chosen is 5.1.2535.0 and labeled “GSA-H10A”. Is this why the patch wont flash it? because it thinks its the wrong drive? Please help, any ideas warmly recieved :bow:


They sold you a GSA-H10A, and not a GSA-4167B.

The H10A is a newer drive. There’s a firmware update on the LG site for H10A.

Check your current firmware version with Nero InfoTool.


Good thing the flasher blocked you from destroying your drive.