New firmware versions question

hello guys, it’s my second post (1st one on the “say hi” blah blah)

i have a question that i’d like you to answer if you please
i’m getting an LG 4163B dvd burner and i tried to find a firmware update from LG but didn’t find anything

i have found some firmware updates on several forums and i’d like to know if those are official or custom made by the users and what are the posibilities on ruining it (don’t mean that any custom made firmware updates are not good… i just have this question…)

thnx in advance

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You can download official firmwares for your drive from
Click on Device Driver and then on DVD-ROM/Writer which will take you to a page where all the new firmware releases are posted. Afetr a quick look I see the latest version for your GSA-4163B is version A103.

Often you can also download firmwares off unofficial sites but you have to be careful with these. When flashing your drive with an unofficial firmware version you may void your warranty. Firmware releases can be “hacked” by people, adding better media support or, for instance, removing region locks from your drive. You should experiment with unofficial firmware version at your own risk.

Hope this answers your question, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

thnx a lot
you’ve been most helpfull

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