New firmware SB03 for Samsung SH-S182M

I didnt see anyone post any info on this. My Live update tray just flashed and prompted me to install SB03. I thought I’d post this before rebooting :slight_smile:

I couldnt see this on however LiveUpdate worked!

This seems like the official SB03 firmware for SH-S182M

Yo ET-

I don’t have ‘Liveupdate’ turned on (little too ‘Big Brother’ for me) - so where can I find it-eh?


I couldnt find any download links. It downloaded and flashed automatically via Live Update which you can find on this site:

Maybe they havent put the new f/w up on the site yet?

Actually, only SB03 is listed for the 182D.

You don’t have to leave the Liveupdate app running. You can just run it once when you know there is new firmware, like in this case, and then close it down again but you do have to install the app. :wink:

chef, the SB03 for the S182[B]M[/B] is not on that link yet. :wink: Edit, ah, you changed your post. :slight_smile:

[B]Edit:[/B] Move this thread to the Samsung forum.

I ran Liveupdate to update to official SB03, application downloaded file AUTORUN.BIN to C:\Program Files\SAMSUNG\FW LiveUpdate folder. It is different from CD Freaks edition when you do binary bit by bit comparison starting at byte 66784.

Any idea what’s different on this firmware?

I would also like to know what the difference is? Is there any improvements over the CD freaks SBO3 version?

How do you like the burn quality on the 182M…

is there a modified SB03 that fixes -R lead in?

Are there any difference between the 182D, 182M and 182L?
Are there other versions?


D = No Lightscribe
M = with Lightscribe
L = ??? No idea


I like it very much. I bought it o use with my laptop and so far I have no problems. It burns great and all my copies play great on al my players. Its fast and stable on my setups.

I wish we could play around some more with the firmwares like i can with my liteons (Hint! Hint! CodeKing).

So far no major complains. I only use good media like MCC and TY. I will be doing some more burns on cheap media soon.

I will keep you guys informed.

thank you

how does it burn on + DL…have you had a chance to try it?

I Havent burned any DL disks yet. Anyone???

Does this firmware have the DVD-R lead-in issue?

is there anything out there as of yet to remove riplock from this drive…


Found out it was a power issue. For some reason I have to give the Samsung drive its own exclusive power cable. Before, I had the same cable power my HDD along with it. Wonder why it is picky like that…


Do you do any playing around with the Samsung firmwares, In particular SB03 for Samsung SH-S182M?

Can we use Omnipatcher to change write strategies, Is there anything at all that we can use to tweak these firmwares. Anyone??? Brother Blad? Code65536??



Orazel, we hope to have some patches for this firmware in the future but first we have to figure out the valid firmware checksum. :wink: