New firmware released for Sony DRU-500A/AX / DRX-500UL/LX

I just posted the article New firmware released for Sony DRU-500A/AX / DRX-500UL/LX.

Weazel used our newssubmit to tell us that Sony has released a new firmware version for their DRU-500A/AX and DRX-500UL/LX DVD-recorders. According to the Sony website firmware 2.0e has the…

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Great Firmware update. Still shows 2.4x under Ahead Nero for DVD+R. For cd burning, It gives the option of burning at slower speeds under Nero give the option of 4x 12x 16x and 24x. It still has not fixed the issue the 2.4x to show 4x media under Nero. later pete

You might want to try and buy 4X compatible DVD+R media first.

I’ve updated the new firmware, but after it, i could only burn the That’s Write dvd’s on 1 speed. With 1.g i could burn on 2 speed! So now i’m using 1.g again!

My sony media is 4X compatible later pete

sony 4x +r media does not exist yet. your’s 2.4x.