New firmware release adds bitsetting support for NEC ND-6500

I just posted the article New firmware release adds bitsetting support for NEC ND-6500.

 NEC is currently one of  the most popular DVD recorder brands and although the burners are popular they have  a big disadvantage for many users; they do not support booktype changing. There are ...
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This guy is so cool! :X

I only took the existing bitsetting code and added a default booktype for DVD+R - everyone could do this within an hour of work…

But not everyone is called Liggy :slight_smile:

Don’t be modest, I couldn’t do it. Nice work! :slight_smile:

Im gonna do some heavy testing been dying for a end user choose write speed too as NEC can be a bit slow with media types at times…

Any chance you could do it for the Pioneer A08XLA? :X Lots of folks would appreciate it.