New Firmware PX-760A 1.02

Now available officially at Plextor Japan:

mechanical translation of changelog:

  • DVD-R, +R addition of DL corresponding media.
  • DVD+R record grade improvement.
  • DVD±RW record grade improvement.
  • The trouble correction where with Q-Check of PlexTools Professional error occurs with DL media measurement.
  • The trouble correction where error occurs with the Jitter/Beta measurement of PlexTools Professional.
  • Solar induced electricity [That’s Taiyo Yuden] DVD-R8 time fast the media (TYG02) entry grade improvement and the modification which designates the highest speed with the same media as 8 time speed.
  • Riteck DVD-R 16 time fast entry grade improvement of media.

V 1.02
DVD-R、+R DL対応メディアの追加。
PlexTools ProfessionalのQ-CheckでDLメディア計測でエラーが発生する不具合修正。
PlexTools ProfessionalのJitter/Beta計測でエラーが発生する不具合修正。
太陽誘電 DVD-R8倍速メディア(TYG02)の書込み品位向上及び、同メディアでの最高速を8倍速とする変更。
Riteck DVD-R 16倍速メディアの書き込み品位向上。

Can someone please translate this? Thank you

Never mind… :iagree:


Added some DVD-R, DVD+R/DL media
Improve writing quality of DVD+R
Improve writing quality of DVD-RW, DVD+RW
bug fix: error occur during Q-check for DL media
bug fix: error occur during Jitter/Beta test
Improve writing quality of TYG02.
Max writing speed of TYG02 is limited to 8x
Improve writing quality of Ritek F1 (16x DVD-R)

Thanks for info, sounds not bad.

Hi :slight_smile:
Perhaps more importantly…works! :clap: :bigsmile: :cool:

This firmware is great! Seems to read cds and dvds better. I was able to rip dvds up to 16x speed!

Single or dual layer?

Single, which would be why it was ripping so fast. Still, I haven;t seen that kind of rip speed of single layer dvds in a LONG time! I’ve have the pioneer a05 and a09, and the Nec 3500a dvd drives and I haven’t seen such rip speeds compared to the plextor.

this FW revision looks like it contains some considerable improvements…

every day it gets harder to NOT order a 760 from newegg for 99.99…

DVD+R Overburning is working now. :slight_smile:


^Wow. Which brand disc?MID?

Hi but when You start Nero and in PlexTools\Options\Refresh can you see that Buffer Underrun Proof became disabled?? Why ?? It’s bug!!
If I use other burning software Buffer Underrun Proof is always enabled!!!

Sorry for the late answer… it was a YUDEN000-T03 (Verbatim). :slight_smile:



That’s really nice but was not mentioned in the changelog.

You’re right, I mentioned it here a week ago, but I guess that many people do not follow closely that thread (including me :wink: ).



Guess i’ve to look more in the feedback/suggestions thread to find more surprises like these.

what about 90/99min CD-R’s ?

I thought that 99 min CD-R would work anyway.