New firmware out for the BenQ1620 - B7L9

I haven’t tried it yet.

Release Reason:

  1. Improve the reliability on reading SACD format disc.

Direct Download

CD-DVD Speed seems to be the same with this firmware. :frowning:

so next week again a new firmware :wink:

well it may work with a new version of cd-dvd speed. Who knows maybe this gives 4x DL?

Supposedly the new beta version of DVDInfoPro and the B7L9 will report higher scanning speeds, but I’m not seeing it yet. Download the beta version here. Maybe someone else can try.

Retail and Bulk (OEM) versions available here B7L9 and G7L9

Its good that Benq is keeping the OEM version up to date with the retail.

No chance of high speed 1620 scan on B7L9 seems the L that benQ sent Erik and nicW is not the same as L they released. The release L does not have high scan added.

cdspeed 3.41 also cannot scan high speed …~~~

so… wait next firmware

I just tried to update my G and it refused, tried B and it refused as well. I have heard others are having problems, but one guy has crossed over to B from G (he hasn’t said how). I know another version is coming out next week, but what is going on here??? Does anyone know???

Originally Posted by yangxi
BENQ DW1620 “OEM” flash to “RETAIL” firmware

step1: ( G7K9 -> DW1600 firmware )

step2: ( dw1600 -> 1620 )

step3: ( latest dw1620 firmware)

Thanks very much yangxi, I converted to DW1600 first, then to DW1620, and finally updated to B7L9 firmware without any problems at all. I followed your 3 downloads. For anyone out there with a G firmware I advise you to follow yangxi instructions to turn your burner into a true BenQ DW1620 using B firmware.

The above links don’t all work, here is a link to original thread.

Hey has any of you had a problem updating the firmware? I bought a retail benq dw1620 from MWave. It originally had the b7h9 firmware installed, so I tried to flash it to b7l9. It seemed to be working fine for the first 3/4 of the update (The drive was blinking red the whole time). Then the update software said that it failed (the drive started blinking green). I tried to update multiple times, but I get the same failure at the same place. Then I tried reverting back to B7H9 firmware, but I got the same problem. Do you guys know what’s happening?

BTW, i have my benq dw1620 in a PPA 5.25 external enclosure. Here’s a link

and I’m using the firewire port. Any insights?

Try flashing your burner inside your PC. Other then that does DVDr burn fine in that enclosure? With both USB2 and firewire? I like the case, just wish it would have a built in P/S. Also it’s likely “M” firmware will be out in the next few days.

Try it with USB connector, if you have an usb 2.0 port. I have updated firmware in my external case with USB 2.0. Your case looks nicer than mine, but mine has the built in power supply. My only concern with built in power supply is that it adds more heat to the unit.

oh yea, I totally forgot about the usb port. It worked masterfully with the usb. Thanks.

On a sidenote, this enclosure seems to work fine with dvd writers but it’s horrible if you want to use a hard-drive with it. I think it has the prolific chipset and it just can’t detect hard-drives with the firewire port. Other than that, it seems to run pretty cool. I burned a 4x dvd+rw without it even warming up. I think i might return this enclosure and get two kingwin enclosure, one 3.5" and the other 5.25", since it has the oxford 911 chipset.

Thanks for helpin me out guys.