New firmware, new bitset, new nero

Somebody at BTC must have read my post about using the 1016IM and Verbatim DL discs. There is a new firmware (A17J) as well as a new bit setting utility (1.08). When I updated to the newer firmware, the drive was able to see the DL discs as being 4x and even the new utility would allow me to change the book type of those DL +R discs to DVD-ROM. I also updated my Nero to version and it would automatically set the book type during the burning process. I never saw this before until now but when you go to burn a DVD Video it will start and a small line will appear “Book type automatically set to DVD-ROM” . So it looks like I don’t need the utility but it is nice to know that it works with my drive now. Time to start testing the 4x DL burn reliability.

great to hear, let us know the results