New firmware needed



if yamaha would get off their ass and make a firmware update for the CRW4416E, it might support raw writing. the last update they made was over the summer. i sent em an email, and that’s the best i can do for now.



Since RAW-Writing needs to be supported by the hardwarem, a firmware upgrade will NEVER enable your Yamaha to support RAW-Writing. None of the Yamaha burners support this feature anymore. Only the CDR1xx-T series did.

So i guess Yamaha isn’t sitting on their ASS, coz the recorder you have is almost bug free.

If you want RAW-Writing, buy a Plextor.


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no, first, not all plextors support RAW writing, and second, the guy that makes fireburner said that you can do it with a firmware upgrade, and they are still lazy at yamaha because there hasnt been an update since summer.