New firmware maddog 1.F0 / ND-4570A

What do we actually know about this?

Thanks for the headsup 2channeler

It should work fine with the ND-4570, but it will change the drive name string to Mad Dog

It has full bitsetting, a newer firmware date than 1.02 NEC firmware, but has the same write strategy versions. The Burn engine could be newer though.

Using NEC booktype settings version 4
Date1: 20060406
Date2: 20060406
CD-R version: 1.02
CD-RW version: B.05
DVD-R version: 1.04
DVD-RW version: B.05
DVD+R version: 1.06
DVD+RW version: B.11
DVD+R9 version: 1.03
DVD-R9 version: 1.04
DVD-RAM version: 1.16

Released 1.F0 firmware on our site with drive string changed to NEC ND-4570A.

[B]Grab it here[/B]

let’s hope that this firmware burn’s better that the original nec firmware.

So who’s going to be the first to try it?

Might give it a go later myself.

I’ll try it, i have some TTH02 media to burn, and i want to see if there is any improvement for this burn.

TY T02 burned at 12x with 1.F0.

Two scans here, the first on my Benq which measures jitter - pretty disasterous, and the second on my Liteon which doesn’t.

I’ll repeat this burn at 8x to see the difference.

Not a surprise to see that spike at 3.8G with 12x. As Dee-27 said…the write strategy is the same.

Yes but with these T02s I have I didn’t experience anything like this with the std firmware.

Anyway same ISO image burned at 8x.

Going back to Dee’s f/w asap.

Me too. Can’t see any advantage with this one.