New firmware giving trouble

The first official firmware that supports bitsettings is giving coasters at 8X.

I have 2 kinds of 4X media that burned well at 8x. They where memorex and platinum.
Now after update to the latest firmware, at the moment it begins to write at 8X untill the end it creates unreadable files on the discs.
This means that when you burn a movie on dvd+r it’s beginning to do strange things at approx. 33 minutes of video.
Sometimes the disc is not readable at all from that time on or it has much nasty glitches. Not the smooth movie it was as the image.

This only happens since I updated the firmware.

Could anyone confirm this trouble for 8X writing with the new firmware or even come up with a solution tothis problem.

I thank you a lot!

I guess it’s true. The newer firmware really sucks. Nobody has told me otherwise yet, so I guess it must be true

Originally posted by Jay Sea
I guess it’s true. The newer firmware really sucks. Nobody has told me otherwise yet, so I guess it must be true

What drive are you talking about?

the 811

If by new firmware you’re talking about HSOP, then I guess I have no complaints, my only gripe about HSOP is the torture noise when the drive is reset at system bootup but I have not noticed any problems with this specific firmware… Why not burn your movies at 2.4x or 4x, at 4x it would take 15 minutes to burn an entire DVD, can’t you be patient for 15 minutes ? :slight_smile:

Well offcourse I can wait, but for firmware causing coasters which I just found out after burning about 10 discs ins’t that pleasant.
I managed to get working backups @8X but cannot do that anymore now.
But is there anyone that can do 8X with the HS0P?

I’ve got no problems with HSOP firmware.
My DVD rom is quiet as usual and I’ve made around a dozen dvd+r movies at 8x with no problems on Memorex DVD+R.
PI is about 5, PO around .2
DVD-R writing quality has not changed as far as i can see.

I also got memorex 4X that I burn at 8X but all coasters with HS0P

It’s unfair to complain because your 4x rated media is burning coasters at 8x. If they burn fine at 4x and not 8x. Well, they are 4x rated media so you are getting what you paid for.
If you buy 8x rated media and it doesn’t work that’s a different story.
Stick with what worked for you before.

Tha’s true, but the trouble is that 4X burned fine with older firmware but older firmware does not have bitsettings so it’s a choice I have to make.

Thanks for all the info guys

Jay Sea

HS0K as well as HS0J also has bitsetting the last one to not have bitsetting was HS0E

I personally find HS0K to be much better with 4x@8x +R then HS0P

im using HS0K and bitsetting works fine @ 8x
especially with my beta mod :smiley:
read back is perfect
HS0P is better for -R burning so change over to HS0K for 8x +R and try again

P adds about 10 to 20 points to kp

Your beta mod? What is that?

Jay Sea

The beta mod or the Zebra mod there are number of versions. At this time v4 is last official release. turn a 401s or 411s into a 811s, if you have real 811s the mod wont help you much as your already at 811s.

You see the the only difference between the 401, 411, 811 is the eeprom and firmware.

I did not know he was referring to overclocking.