New firmware for UJDA750 - where is it?



I have a Fijitsu C2220 with Matshita UJDA750FDVD/CDRW. It’s have a 1.2 firmware. I have a dificuties with reading of DVD-/+R/RW discs.
Who knows where to get a new one? :confused:


You have to get it from Fujitsu. :wink:


Thank you, thank you, now I know who is manufacturer of my notebook… :stuck_out_tongue:
Can you tell some more useful?


The problem with Matsushita drives that they don’t have any kind of support, i.e. official firmware on an official site. Despite this page:, but it is not much of a help.

The only place to look for firmware - if any - is:

Nye rastrayvaysya. Resenyie vsegda mozhno nayti. :wink:


but it is not much of a help.

This is not help at ALL, coz it’s only for Retail not UJDAxxxxxxx drives…
I’m start the dicuss with Panasonic and Fujitsu support, maybe I’m find something…
Po russky chitaesh? Èñòèíà ãäå-òî òà ì?


Estestvenno, i na mnogich yazikah.


Estestvenno, i na mnogich yazikah.

Poliglot…a cho kirylicei ne pishesh? ×òî? ðà ñêëà äêó óñòà íîâèòü òðóäíî?


The reason is simple. If I change the keyboard layout it becomes a little bit difficult to find all the letters. Plus, I am not sure whether those letters could be displayed here.


could be displayed here

nu ti vidish to chto ya pishu cyrillicei? esli net, to u tebya prosto ne ustanovleni shrifti russie. Òû ïîíÿë ÷òî ÿ íà ïèñà ë? íà ïèøè “äà ïîíÿë”


Vulcanite if you find anything let me know too


OK, but now I have many replays from support of Fujitsu and Panasonic about that this model is old… :stuck_out_tongue: And only Panasonic Taiwan is respond that tha drive is sold by them…maybe this is lead the way :bow:


If it is an OEM drive from Panasonic then just forget it. They don’t support any OEM drives and that will not change easily.


damn…ok, I’ll wait…


Hi comrados, I’m moveout this dumb UJDA and seccessefully install NEC ND-6500A, maybe newer model will work too.


It’s one of the best ways to find a solution.