New firmware for tsst dvd+-rw su-208fb



Hello, i have a dell inspiron 3521 with a tsst dvd±rw su-208fb optical drive.
It’s firmware is d200, from what i can find is for Chinese market only.
On tsstodd site there are two other firmwares, but it won’t let me flash it.
Is there another firmware or a way to flash the drive to sb01 firmware?
Thank you very much.


Ask DELL, not TSST!


yap, asked them and upgrade anytime soon :frowning:


but a few minutes ago, just found a way to update it.
i think it works for every samsung or tsst drive.
first you have to download the firmware you want from the tsst odd site
this file you have to right click on it and extract it, it extracts in two small files, one is the firmware in .bin extension and one is tsndwin.exe
then, download from the forum the sfndwin.exe, and open the command line from run/cmd
type the location where you downloaded these files and then type sfndwin.exe - NOCHECK
it forces the sfndwin to accept firmwares without verifying
press ok, and then the sfndwin program starts, in the windows you press the upper left corner icon, and load the .bin firmware.
then flash the firmware and restart windows.


sfndwin.exe -NOCHECK has a space after .exe, not after the “-”


and it must be NOCHECK with CapsLock


Did you find this information in the FAQ thread?


Albert, i found it on a forum specific for Dell problems with tsst odd.
i’ll google it again and paste the link if it’s ok.


On the other hand, last night i burned some TY cd-r, on 10x and scanned on my benq 1655 at 8x and 12x.
the first impression is that the burning improved, the PIF max is lower than before, about 12-16, no PIE of course, the score is 98, but the jitter started on the first burn at 16 and lowered to 11, and on the second burn started at 13 and lowered on 10.
Both cds were burned in imgburn at 10x, the lowest speed of the drive.
But, the device buffer fluctuated non-stop from 84%-92%-99%.
Before the firmware upgrade it remained constant at 100%, but the overall burn score was 95-96.


Albert this is the link
the third post, by Klaus Reimer


so this is first burn of a TY02 DVD-R with this tsst drive, at 6x, and scanned with liteon ihas 124


the buffer was constant 96-99-100 so it was ok.
but for the cd burning, it’s still an issue with the buffer and the high jitter :frowning: