New firmware for the SH-S183 sata drive

It’s SB01 and I flashed it using the Samsung auto-update utility. I have no idea what’s changed, just thought I would let everyone know it’s out.


Nothing new. That firmware was released on 2006-11-28, according to


Actually, new for me, my SH 183L upgraded with SB01 after turning on Live Update. Originally, when I had last run liveupdate, SB01 was “just” available for the SH 183A. The SH-183L was still at SB00 (and is still listed that way on Samsung website).
So, a big Thank You to the original OP for the prompt to run Live Update.

Same here, I saw the SB01 released back in Nov, but it wasn’t for the particular model I had. I usually run the Live Update utility every week or so, just to check. Well, yesterday it finally found an update!


Weird, the update is marked for the 183A, not L!!