New firmware for the PX - W1210TA

I just posted the article New firmware for the PX - W1210TA.

Submitted by: ATAPi
Source: Plextor

They have been busy in the Plextor Labs and created this new firmware for their PX W1210TA:

There’s a new firmware for the PX - W1210TA


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Hmmm that looks promacing…

I hope they bring out new firmware for the Px 12/4/32 scsi to fix some of the stability probs…

Does anyone know when
Perfect Copy
will be back on line???

I went to the old homepage and all that was there was Ver.1.29…

A new version with CPD intergrated would be great.

No update in a long time…

The settings of perfect copy what ever version, is NOT RELIABLE for the NEW SAFE DISK at all IT WOULD NOT WORK, so you have not missed much at all.

That data base is pretty old at least as far as this new Safe Disk Protection is concerned. I guess we just have to wait and see what is Ollie going to do about this first? because as it stands Clone is NOT ABLE TO READ this protection YET! but until this main problem is fixed with Clone Perfect Copy would be useless no matter what version becomes available!

Just incase if any one likes to know, I finally did manage to do a 1:1 backup of GP3 with the New Safe Disk and all the Read and Write Clone Settings for the new Safe Disk are a bit different than what is described in Perfect copy or Clone data base as this game for instance uses a Dual Protection layer. On the out side is the ever familiar safe disk and in the middle is another layer with subchannel data with errors.
Bottom line is once again Clone comes at the top even with this new SO CALLED PROTECTION !!!

I flashed my Plex 1210 last week with ver 1.02, your news is not that new …

any suggestion as to what the settings sould be for this new Safe Disk, ie, GP3?

Does CloneCD Database Ver 2561
work any better than Perfect Copy???