New firmware for the Plextor W1210TS



I just posted the article New firmware for the Plextor W1210TS.

Plextor lets us know that they have updated the firmware for their PX-W1210TS to version number 1.03:

Fixed Bugs:
During the closing of the tray by software command, the drive did not…

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i flashed my drive with version 1.03…i am now in coaster city!!!anyone else with any problems?:frowning:


hey … where are the guys begging for SD 2 support ???


I may well give it a try as i indeed had lots of problems while formatting CDRW when Instant Write was installed (worked Ok with the Risciso VOB release, but not at all with the timed demo). A visit at coaster city for a little while won’t harm much…


Try uninstalling Nero it may be corrupted. But what are the chances of that happening eh?


underider…it seems …that you do not know one side of a coaster from another!:4