New firmware for the plex 121032S

just been on the plex site and there it was 1.05 for the plex 121032S

Thanks for the info. Did you find it on the Japanese, American or European site?


PX-W1210TS V1.05

Fixed Bugs:

[li]Hang-up during CD-RW erase
[/li]> [li]Bus reset happens during format by InCD or B’s Clip under XP
[/li]> [li]Cannot write 99 tracks in TAO [/ul]
[/li]> Improvements:

  • [li]Write performance for various discs, types and speeds


Perhaps I should update my firmware, nothing too shocking though…

I got pointed to this upgrade when I first ran Plextools 1.13a.

Downloaded and installed. No problems, everythings working OK.

Another example of Plextor’s superior customer service!