New firmware for the NEC3500a and other nec drives

New firmware for nec3500a on This link is to all the firmwares for nec dvd drives. I could not find this update on The firmware for the nec3500 is version 2.1b. It seems it adds more media so I am not sure to update at this time. It is dated april 3, 2006.

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They are up on the US site also.

Well what the heck, I’ll use this thread to post what we’re all thinking! :wink:
Are [B]L&D[/B] going to make the effort, yet again, for us NEC nutters out there? Read NEC [B]3500[/B] owners out there.
As we all know they’re already swamped with NEC releases and us mere mortals can only hope… But hope is a great power though! :bow:
Hope to hear from them, bit-strat-over-speeding-ly speaking! :smiley: