New firmware for SOHW 1613S - AS06

Just discovered on the LiteOn firmware site

At last a new firmware for the 1613: Windows 564 KB 2005/03/09 Match more media

I don’t think that this will be a popular download as most owners can add +DL by using 1633/1653 firmwares, but it shows that LiteOn did not forget that they ever made these drives.

Still waiting for that superfirmware to replace BS0S!

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noticed it days ago, but was not worth to make a new thread. i think only people who don’t know cdfreaks and other odd-forums are going to flash this firmware.

Hope that we will see official New FW with 4x DL support
for 1633…!

That thought crossed my mind seeing the new firmware for the 1613. I have to say the owners of a 1613 had to be very patient, it’s the first firmware since it came out! With the 1633 we are “blessed” with more ore less regularly updates.

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How come there is no 1213s update. I am still waiting…
Why only 1 update for 1613s so far?

Anyway, I am happy with my 1213s@1653s(CS09)


I think even if LiteOn desides to bring out a new firmware for the 1213 you probably would not use it… and I doubt there will be any 1613 user who crossflashed their drives will download this new one.


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“Matth” make a conclusion about that.
I’m also happy with 1213s@1653s@CSTJ