New firmware for PX-760A VERSION 106

Doesn’t look to exciting


[b]Date posted: January 2, 2007

-Improvement in interchangeability when using SATA controller or SATA/USB conversion chip.

Thanks! Works Great!!!

please let us know if Plex has fixed the PIF spikes

Does that mean it now works with the Nvidia Nforce SATA drivers? Already any experiences on this topic?

works for me, but never knew there was a problem.

ANY change?

Sorry if this is newbie question but why Plextor Europe site still dont have that v1.06 available?

And if i download and install that from US site does it change region code to 1 or something like that?

The firmware won’t change your region code. It doesn’t matter which of the Plextor official sites you download firmware from.

Ok, thank you very much.

Does this firmware shows any improvements over version 105 ?

Like I Said before they changed noting other than adding additonal support for SATA controllers and USB.

What I would hope to see before Plex stops supporting the 760 is a fix to the OPC spikes when burning.

Hmmm, no sign of RPC1 firmware 1.06 for PX-760A or RPC1 1.07 for PX-755A on TDB website…

If i remember correctly the “free your Plextor” guys implemented RPC1 in their firmware mod since 1.06/1.07. See:

How about DVD-R support? My own 760SA won’t burn a full DVD-R disk, and just today, one of our customers has bought a 760A - which has the exact same problem: when burning a full DVD-R disk, the burn stops when it’s 2/3 in the burn process…

Has anyone else also experienced this with DVD-R disks, differént brands (DVD+R work fine)

I haven’t had problems burning a full DVD-R disc with my 760SA. What brands are you using?

I’m using TDK 16x DVD-R, my customer is using HP DVD-R (unknown speed)

Both HP and TDK aren’t the most compatible disc types. :frowning:
Try with some Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden.

Same here; no problem with 755A ( the “little bro” of 760A) and Verbatim (with TY dye) 8x DVD-R

i put a ide to sata converter on my 760a 1.06 .

but when i access the drive it freezes the computer/lock…
if you then unplug the sata cable from it- the computer comes good again.
works as ide ok.

with nero or plextools etc…

the converter (jbmicro 330) works on a nec 7170 +pioneer 112d/111d /110a/sony 820a

iv got 5 diff sata controllers but no go…