New firmware for PX-755/760

Posted at Plextor America. 1.04 for 760 and 1.05 for 755.
Improved writing performance on DVD media
Improved writing performance on CD media
Improved the accuracy of the measurement of Q Check TA Test
Shortened the time needed to write DVD media simultaneously with
multiple drives

Thanks a lot.


Thanks, lets hope they improved TYG03 at 18x.

Still does not fix the [B]serious[/B] problem with 755SA where the firmware apparently crashes when starting a burn. I’ve reverted to firmware 1.02 (again). Based on this, and a recent bad 716SA (and bad replacement drive received from RMA), I’m starting to have a bad idea of Plextor. I need some other company to start making SATA optical drives.

About time . Let’s hope that now we can write T03 with low pi’s .


thanx a lot!

Thanks a lot, too.
My PX-716A just “died” two days ago, I sent it to Plextor Belgium.
They offered me a free model upgrade!
Today, I received a new PX-755A, TLA#0000, FW 1.00.
Flashed with brand new 1.05.
Great burns!
Thanks to Plextor and his very “Fast” Warranty Service! :clap:

Now available at Plextor Europe too. :wink:


This Should work with the PX-760[B]SA[/B] Also Correct.

[/color]Plextor Europe:

Firmware: PX-760A/SA V1.04
Firmware: PX-755A/SA V1.05

Plextor USA:

[color=black]Plextor PX-760A DVD±R/RW Firmware Upgrades
Plextor PX-755SA DVD±R/RW Firmware Upgrades

Guess because they sell different versions in EU and USA that causes some confusion, but yes you can use it with the 760 SA. Or just download the FW from Plextor Europe if you are concerned.:slight_smile: [/color][/color]

Thanks Crossg

The Europa and USA packages for each drive class are identical. All four firmware binaries are identical.

Using 1.04 and 760SA I cannot burn my Plextor DVD+R media with more than 0.5X (normal 6-18X). Also it has destroyed a couple of my old Verbatim CD-RW disks. Reverting back to 1.03 solves the problem.

Sounds like some DMA problem.

But I am not sure if tihs is also an issue with SATA drives?

Hi :slight_smile:
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I’ve seen folks on other forums with 760 (IDE) report speed problems & reverting back to 1.03 too. Nothing to do with DMA either.

760A FW: 1.04 seemed to have unstable buffer problem during recording.

FWIW, I can’t burn any disc at 16x. Not even TY03. TTH02 are a desaster.

Yeah I noticed that too. With 1.04 it was fluctuating between 5-75%, with 1.03 it is completely stable.

Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile: