New firmware for Plextor PX-W4012A version 1.01 released

I just posted the article New firmware for Plextor PX-W4012A version 1.01 released.

Firmware 1.01 for Plextor’s 40X writer, the PX-W4012A is actually released, but so far only on the Japanese page. But we guess the American page and European page will be updated soon.


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Have you tried Babelfish yet to try and translate the log to English? Last time it gave a pretty good indication

Hopefully, this new firmware will allow the Plexy to make working back-up’s of SD2…

Yep I tried babelfish, but: “Solar induced electricity CD-R disk” Doesn’t look right? So that’s why I did not post the translation…seems to be a pretty bad translation to me…

You know you are really really dedicated to your “inner CdFreaks self” when you you are willing to go that far to understand a changelog - That is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week! It is good though & that is what CdFreaks is all about: we all go out of our way to help each other better unnderstand anything & everything that has to do with CD’s! What a great bunch of e-dudes! Thanx Da_Taxman - your efforts are appluaded & appreciated. Now if only Plextor made a 40x burner using SCSI I’d be much happier!

Solar induced electricity = Taiyo Yuden. I think they make CDR media.

Well i have this drive and im using the new firmware, and i have managed to backup my copies of C&C renegade, and that works in all my drives (backed up using 1.0 firmware)I also managed to backup MOHAA but this only works in the writer(but im not sure if the firmware update helped or what because i cant remember when i made it)

some more good news. the copy that didnt work in my other drives, was written on a CD-RW, now i have made a copy on a CD-R and it works in all my drives. I have read other comments that the 4012A cant make copies of safedisc 2 games like MOHAA, so maybe the firmware does change something. :slight_smile: so sweet as. Long live Plextor, for they are the best

No , dear DWX , Plex has been surpassed by Lite On 40x . Long live Lite On :4

Hey guys i just bought this writer PX-W4012A and copied mohaa with cloned cd and clony xxl, and guess what i have a completely working backup of the game which has the new safedisk v2 on it. I was so impressed, if you weant more info on this e-mail me at You guys have been a great help :7

:r LiteOn … :r