New firmware for NEC ND 3570, 4570 and 4571

You can download from NEC

Thanks :slight_smile:

With booktype :slight_smile:

I’m just flashed it on my “ex-4571” drive. I hope that this firmware resolve a lot of problems… :stuck_out_tongue:

RPC1 firmwares are available too now.

Thanks Liggy!

Any news about the 4571 1-Z2 firmware? Now there is a new original firmware for this drive and Dee told us she would wait for this.

TY T03 12x(13x cav) nec 4571 1.02
3,8Gig Pie/pif big spike on Benq,
re-link OPC Pif spike on LiteOn. :frowning:

They just don’t seem to be able to eliminate those PIF spikes. I [I]never[/I] see those on any of my other other drives! Come on NEC, this is TY. I am not even going to ask for a bitsetting version; I won’t burn anything on this drive in any case.

Thanks milanko. End Of Rant. I promise I won’t comment again until they release another firmware so you should be safe till well into next year. :slight_smile:

VERBATIM DVD+R 16x Printable
MCC004 burned@8x

Great scan!

does the 3.8gb spike show only show up on liteon drives or does the 4570 show it aswell when used for scanning?

i’d like to kow if my drive suffers from the 3.8gb spike thing, as from what ive read only a certain batch of drives has it, but i’m not sure what media / speed/ scanningspeed i need to use to find this out.

PHILIPS 041 burned @ 4x

Except for the modifications of the strategies, is a changelog available ?

MCC003 burned @ 8x

Verbatim CD-R burned @ 48x

Here are some of my results. Disk are labeled Memorex DVD+R 8x.
Have been using FW 1.21 and that looked similar to FW1.01 which was my original FW version. I have very mixed feelings and results on new firmware.

I think my drive liked the old firmware better.

MCC004 (Verbatim) Burned @ 16x

It is interesting to see that we all have the same spike issue roughly in the same location. I have been using the FW 1.21 with mixed burns as well. Not sure why this drive has such a hard time burning, but I am starting to suspect the balance between Labelflash and media burns could be the issue. The 4570a seem to have fewer issures burning than the 4571A. Will wait for your next FW release. Seeing the results with your fw on the 4570a leads me to believe that you have a better handle on what schemes are needed to make the best burns. Here are a couple of scans using FW1.21. Bid difference from 1.02

Dee-27 why you scanning at 12x speed and not 4x?

Me bad, I was short of time :o

I was an owner of the Liteon 411s Dvd writer for 3 years until i bought NEC 4571. I have tested hundends of DVDs and in my experience i have to admit that Verbatim is so far the best DVD manufactor. :wink: