NEW firmware for NEC 3500A 2.1B


-New Media added:
16x: Infosoure, Nanya, Leaddata, Daxon, Postech, Ultran, SKC, New Star, Infosmart, Ritek, OST, FTI, MAM-E
12x: E-Top, Longten
8x: Wing Li, Plasmon, Yi Jhan, Interaxia, MemoryTech, SKC, Infosmart, MsM, DDT, AMC, Ritek, Longten, UlTran

16x: Daxon, Ritek, NanYa, Infosmart,AMC, New Star, Leaddata, Postek, UME, Memory Tech, Wing Li, FTI
12x: CMC, SKC, Infomedia, Thaimedia, MAM-E, Princo
8x: Interaxia, DDT, Memory Tech 16x, Wing Li, TLC, E-Top
6x: Taroko 8x
4x: Yi Jhan 8x, DDT

4x: MCC 8x, Rioch 8x, CMC 8x, Ritek 8x
2.4x: Philips, Infomedia

4x: MBI, Infomedia, Ritek 6x, TDK 6x, CMC 6x, Optodisc 6x


Interesting how many crap media is now supported at 12x and 16x… and also in case of DL. :eek:

This is a nice gesture by NEC, remember 3500 is more then 1½y old and NEC has released numerous models since then. :slight_smile:

Nice NEC also added (new) 8x rated +DL MID’s… Nevertheless, this drive is still only a 4x max. +DL burner. :bigsmile:

Nice indeed. Long live the 3500. :clap:

I agree, truly a nice gesture of NEC, I wish other manufacturers would follow their example. I still use my NEC 3500 now and then (especially for DL burning), one of the best and most reliable burners I ever had.

Thank you for the info QuiCo.

Well, i dont have a 3500, im still on a 2510, but since Nec is updating a 2004 burner (but still one of the best Nec ever made) maybe they will release a last firmware for 2500/2510 series… i hope so :bow: But not even Maddog is updating their firmware :frowning:

And Liggy already made a RPC1 version :bow:

Is there a chance for a bitsetting (+R) firmware? :slight_smile:

If Maddog releases a firmware based on this Nec 2.1B… yes.

Very nice of NEC! :flower:

I have to say NEC is supporting their NEC3500 far better than “reputable” names like pLEXTOR … just compare NEC3500 with their PX712A which I bought roughly at the same time! Well done NEC!!! Thank you! :flower:

Is this fw adding any 2.R8 functionality by any chance? :bigsmile:

hehehe you wish… and not only you! but that subject has been discussed for a long time…with no news.

Let’s push NEC so that it would implement those features damn…

I think everyone’s waiting for a NEW and modified 2.TG, based on 2.1B to come out :cool:
I still love and use my 3500 much… thanks NEC! :flower:

i used to use my 3500, till last summer got a BenQ 1640, Qsuite is the bomb,now have a 1650 coming so it looks like the 3500 gotta go!!
Still have a perfectly good 2500 in a Shuttle HTPC i built, maybe the 3500 can find a new life in there.
Great to see NEC still thinks of this drive!

Liggy has released 2.1b bitsetting firmware.

Doesn’t seem to be working for me… :disagree:

I have had an extremely strange experience with the new 2.1B firmware (Liggy’s bitsetting RPC1 version).

I used Nero CD-DVD Speed to perform a Create Disc at 8x from an ISO image, and the drive seemed to create the disc but only at 4x. But that’s not the really strange thing.

When I ejected the disc and reloaded it, it was blank. Other drives also told me it was blank. Since the disc was a DVD+R it should be impossible for CDSpeed to make a simulated burn, and simulation was not enabled, but all my inspections told me the disc was in fact still blank.

So I tried burning the exact same image onto the exact same disc, not another disc from the same pack but the exact same disc, in the NEC 3500 at 8x again. And this time it worked!

The disc is now readable and it contains the correct data.

WTF happened?!??!? :eek: :confused:

Here are the two Create Disc screenshots

I have posted scans of Plextor branded Taiyo Yuden 16x DVD+R (YUDEN000 T03) TH001330 media over in the Blank Media forum in these posts:

[li]16x burn on NEC ND-3500AG 2.1B[/li][li]8x burn on NEC ND-3500AG 2.1B[/li][/ul]

Thx for the bitsetting et al on this latest fw Liggy! :clap:

(Looking forward to toast some, still not found anything to beat the 3500 on my stash of 8x media and since I don’t like the 16x media, yet, the 3500 is it for me! :bigsmile: )

Uhm, seems like Audio CD ripping speed is now locked to 2x max. Can anyone confirm this?