New firmware for my DW-U18A

I’m looking for the firmware that has been giving the best results for that drive. I see so much activity with new firmware releases lately. Just some info on what media im currently using: RITEKR03 DVD+R. I don’t intend on using dual layer media until the price goes down but I need some help picking a new firmware to flash with. Any suggestions?

Try US0N or VS0A. And you should probably consider switching the strat to YUDEN000T02.

Further to what code65536 said…if you going to use RITEKR03 it is very important that you have a look at the OmniPatcher in this [thread=97590]thread[/thread] and change your strategy to the YUDEN000T02. This will allow you to burn R03 at 8x with amazing results. To do this it’s as simple as, loading the firmware you choose into OP, clicking the “Apply recommended DVD media tweaks” button, enabling the cross flash and force-shift option, save the patched file and then run it.

Also for information regarding firmware flashing and cross flashing see this page.