New firmware for my 401@411@811?

I noticed that there is a new firmware for the 811. Can I just load it straight away, or does it need to be ‘changed’ before my drive will accept it?



If your drive is running at @811S using the “zebra” method, then you can just load it without any changes.

mine is running via the ‘’ method…


Not good.

What does ‘not good’ mean for me?

Just looking for advice here…


^^Not the best mod. Zebra mod = better.

Well I think it’s probably a little late for that…

Now, given the fact that I may not have the best mod… how can I upgrade my fw? I obviously can’t re-mod with the ‘zebra’ method.


You can.

I can what… I can re-mod? I can load the new fw normally without any issues?

I feel like I’m trying to put together a puzzle and you guys are just dangling the pieces around. What’s the deal? I just want to load a new firmware on my DVDR…


You can apply the “zebra mod” after messing around with other mods. It won’t fix your drive if you ruined the eeprom data, but it shouldn’t hurt the drive if your eeprom data is still fine. You should have a copy of the drive’s original eeprom, apply the zmod to that and your drive will accept unmodified LDW-811S firmwares.

Is the Zebra mod site down?


Not here. :wink:
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Down as well?



IM me when you get a chance.


done, waiting for e-mail back