New firmware for LTR-48246S

…but the drive?? I have missed something or the drive is not in the market?

Yes, thats true maybe in some countries. But if there is some one that has it…

There are people that have these LTR - 48126 models. They can probebly run firmwares from 48246S and 52246S models. But some one needs to extract the BIN file from that official EXE file. I know PorshSong can do it, and mybe som others.

Other wise. If any body have the drive… They can just extract it to a BIN file.

Note! It may not work with litefirm.exe… EXE ->>> BIN tool…

Thats it :slight_smile:


I had the 48246S bin firmware available. Pm me if anyone interested.

Here you have my e-mail:




Are you shure this is a working firmware? Because it’s only 272 258 Byte and normaly it’s about 524 288 Byte… Is this reallly a real extracted Firm from the drive, or have you used litefirm.exe???


I need to apologise for that unworkable firmware cos I didn’t notice your post that it can’t be extracted by using litefirm program. I flashed it on my TDK 48X cdrw and ended up as a dead drive. But, thanks to the mtkflash program for resurrecting my drive back. Sorry for all the inconvenience and hope you can get the bin firmware asap :slight_smile:

Shure. No problems.



Hmm. I tested that way you did just for fun. I got a BIN file in 524 288 Byte.

Wounder if it works. Does any body dear to try?

Don’t test it! If don’t want a dead drive. And don’t tell me I didn’t warn you! @celestar32, You maybe dear?


I have checked the beta files closely. open the bin file and loking. It seams very posible that this files will work. And maybe litefirm.exe is still working! ???

Maybe we have wrong!

Does any body dear to try? because I have compared VS08 (that was extracted from a drive) and VS08 (that was extracted with litefirm.exe) It seams they are quite matching! And we know for sure now that Mtkflash method may differ a litle from the windows loaders.


I h’ve flashed it to a liteon 48246S. Using Nero it only recognise 40X in writing. I will post the pics later.
Sorry for the large pic cos rushing for time and not able to trim down the pic. I will do it later.

WOW! Did it really work with the betafiles! If so… I will upload the files to night! :slight_smile:

And it’s probebly a media issue. Try TDK 48x or Verbatim 48x.


Yes…It worked for the beta files.

Thats COOL!

So litefirm.exe isn’t out of buisnes yet! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the beta files. Good work!!!:smiley:

Hmmm. Nice picture!


The picture in your message is 388 kBytes large! Modem users will hate you for this…

LOL :slight_smile:

Can MTKFLASH be used with 48125W (former 40125S)?

mtkflash can be used with every mediatek - drive.