New firmware for Lite-on LTR-32123S

Grab it here.

Version XS0F.

Solve XS09 Burning Failure due to Test write bug under TAO mode.

There is probably more fixes than that, but they never tell us. :wink:

OC, what is an XSOF burning failure? I haven’t had one with mine. Whadda ya think? Should I leave it alone?

Also, is LiteOn’s flashing software idiot proof?

I don’t really know what they mean, but it seems as it fails sometimes when doing a test-write when testtng/writing in Track at once mode.

Yes, the lite-on flash program is pretty idiot proof. Just make sure that you have no discs in the drive.

Would have tested myself but I don’t have that drive :frowning:

Thanks OC - the flash went without a hitch.