New firmware for LG 4163 AN16

I found this new firmware for the LG 4163 on a site called the firmware page. It says it is new for the NEC OEM LG 4163. I never heard of it. Has anyone else. I am not going to post a link, because offsite linking is sometimes frowned upon. The firmware is AN16. The page is also called rpc

This firmware is not so new, and it’s exactly the same as A105 except for the version change, but the bin files are identical

Thank you for your reply, I thought it was strange that it wans’t discussed on the forum and it did say New next to the file on the page. Why did it say NEC oem, does nec use LG burners.

Maybe NEC uses them on NEC home computers.

alan if you do find new firmware for this puppy let me know my friend!

I have done some reasearch on this firmware and have found that it is exactly the same as A105. No difference.

Why would NEC use LG burners when they make their own, it doesn’t make sense, but then again Sony uses Liteons and Pioneers in their towers so nothing would surprise me.

You answered yourself. :slight_smile:

Samsung computers don’t always use Samsung ODDs and Samsung HDDs.