New Firmware FOR LDW-401S

As the title states, I am wondering if someone is going to come out with a firmware to upgrade the LDW-401S’s to accommodate the newest 8x speed CD+R from Verbatim, as I just read the article on your front page that Verbatim is releasing thier newest 8x in November.

I have O/C’d my Lite-On CD-RW’s with no problem, just wondering if the same applys to the DVD+RW’s also.


They’ll probably accomidate them as in burn them at 4x

I assume that you meant 8x speed DVD+R…


I mean my drive now is a 2.4x / 4x DVD+R

I’d like it to burn at 2.4 / 4x / AND 8x - get the full potential out of those disks…

you know what I mean?

or is that not “proper” to flash the drive so it can burn @ 8x?