New firmware for GSA H10A H10N H10L H12N H12L

Thanx :clap:

H10N [B]JL11[/B] to [B]JL12[/B] succesfuly updated :slight_smile:


I was having issues with discs not getting recognized, and slow recognition on my H10N with JL11. JL12 seems to have fixed that. RAM discs in particular seem to mount faster and format faster.

Does UL02 firmware support Auto bitsetting for DVD+R and DVD+RW ?
Ηope been soon exists RPC1 or modified version for H10N direct crossflash by DB-If try upgrade Uj11 DB version a H10N drive,this not recognized by updater.Must flashback to H10N first.

No, seems UL02 does not support Auto bitsetting.

And did you read what ala42 wrote?

i couldnt flash my h12n from uj12 to ul02 because the flasher didnt recognized any firmware…

so i took the mighty MCSE tool and checked “increase read speed” and clicked crossflash h12n as current drive ONCE AGAIN. with only this to options modified i saved the firmware and voila: i can flash it from a UJ12 to a UL02 [!]

everyone knows the “i dont take any responsibility”-crap for this instruction

have fun

Didn’t work for me ,so I use old case sensitive method,and works :

I Hope the TDB post a fix (auto bitset,RPC1) version soon.

I followed this path too. :doh::doh: Its not the best way to treat the drive but hey why not. !!! Both firmwares for the H12N are good and UDMA4. I think that UL02 is slightly faster for burning quality media @ 18x. We will see in weeks to come.

Thanks McT. !! :bigsmile:

Just thought id mention. Now that i have updated to UL02 for my H12N i decided to try the LG firmware updater and see if it found any updates. The updater reported that there was an update for the H12N and it was UL12 !!!
Now is this newer than UL02 ??? Please let me know im getting confused with all this new firmware. :bigsmile::bigsmile:

What LG Firmware updater do you mean?

I used google and found a german website where a UL12 was posted. But the ZIP file said UL02. Maybe it was mistyped because of the LL12 and JL12 for the H10L and H10N.

Also at some other websites the new firmware was posted as UL12, but ZIP file was UL02

You have to select the crossflash option if you need a crossflash. Is this really so complicated ?

It’s not complicated :slight_smile:
-Just for some reason didn’t work for my drive ,while read speed unlock works Ok with new version of MCSE,and thanks for that. :clap:

Interesting. I have not seen the updater, but my guess is you can download the new firmware flasher, it will be started automatically and asks questions. At this point you can search (or let windows explorer do that) your system disk for new files. You will probably find the flasher, can make a backup and stop the update if you do not want to apply it now.

i have a question. This new firmware is JLxx (JL12 my drive is a H10N) So how about DMA-2 problem, will this firmware make it to DMA-4 (as i’ve read somewhere in this forum mentioned that JLxx firmware is not as good as JJxx firmware)
i’m totally a noob in this thing, just bought a drive with a JL10 firmware

I don’t know why others are having problems with x-flashing, as long as you correctly identify which drive is currently in the computer in the lower right pull-down box in MSCE, acknowledge all the warnings, save the file, and run the patched executable. I just tried it the first time by converting the H10N with JJ11 to H12N with UL02. And yes, it still retains the UDMA-4 burst rate.