New firmware for GSA H10A H10N H10L H12N H12L

On the German LG-website I just found new firmwares for the following LG drives:

H12L - VL02
H12N - UL02
H10L - LL12
H10N - JL12
H10A - JL05

Link: you can find them somewhere at :wink:
it is not possible to set a link to the download page directly

Thats good. So H12L users can use the MCSE tool too.

Improvement Point

  1. Improve read problem for recorded media
  2. Support Windows Vista
  3. Register Write Strategy for new DVD media

Any LG22N on that site?

You can also look to us site. Its not only on the german site.

Hm, wanted to take a look to the new firmware with the MCSE tool, but could not open the firmware. And of course cant flash the firmware, because i have the UJ12 firmware.

The flasher of the new firmwares uses a different scrambler, already used for the GBW-H10N drive. These firmwares will be supported in the next MCSE release.

Verbatim burned at 16x

Any idea to use the new FW for a H10N @H12N?

The LG site is not responding. Any chance of these FW being posted here? works fine.

The US site has them also

hmm i read above sumtin about vista support

for sum reason my two dvd drives are not working in vista

i have GSA-4120B and GDR816 they are in devide manager but have hte question amrks and say not workin

any1 hav an reason why

problem solved ignore

please elaborate

Just testing UJ12 -> UL02. No way to change because the flasher doesn’t recognize a valid drive to flash. Using the new MCSE still no way to go. :a .
Solution: downgrade to a JL11 firmware ( H10N ) and patch the UL02 flasher to support a H10N drive.

Using the new MCSE I notice that the main difference is the increase of support to 3 DVD-R DL.

1st burn ( overspeed )

Benq ( Daxon008s @ Daxon016 ) burned at 16x.

Quality: Good
Burn time: The same as UJ12 ( 5:18 ) :slight_smile:
Looks like had less spikes into PIE than UJ12.

I had no problems changing from UJ12 -> UL02 by using the new MCSE tool.

Maybe I lost something in using the new version of MCSE. :a
But no problems using the 2 pass method. :o

You had to patch the UL02 flasher to support a H12N drive to activate the H12N UJ->H12N UL crossflash.

Ok. Thanks.

Sony 16x +R ( Sony D21 ) burned at 16x.

This batch of that media has an odd quality scan with all my drives. :confused: