New Firmware for DW822A ;-)



Firmware B3KC

Release Date: 09-Dec-2004

Release Reasons:

  1. Combine PLUS, MINUS & DL+R writing capability into one firmware :iagree:
  2. Support more DVD+R & DVD-R media.

Great that they did it :bow:
…i’ve it not tested yet.


Works great on -r and +r but no dl to test on yet. Very happy here. Now, Dangerous Brothers patch this rpcII for us alright? :wink:


Check this out :smiley:

…thought, there´ll never be a time without SwitchTool …


Now, Dangerous Brothers patch this pleeeeeeese for us alright?


anyone try this on dw800?

will DL work on it


Oh wow! Sweet! Now I am impressed with BenQ - I thought we would never get beyond the switch tool :wink:

I wonder why they didn’t enable QScan for the new firmware - I don’t think the drive has to have some special features for the QScan magic, I guess it’s all about firmware…


yes it does, but flashing to 822 fw has cause problems for some


Can you elaborate? What sort of problems?


It’s just a hit or miss. 800a’s laser (using doctor evil from austin powers quote with my finger)may be be good enough for DL but no problem with single layer


hi. how can i downgrade from B3KC to B3IC or even better B3HC? i’m having some troubles…


If it won’t cause harm to try, I’m game. I’m willing to risk making a DL coaster to see if it will work.


Did you figure this out yet?

Make sure your drive tray is empty. Flash at your own risk!

Go to, download WinDWFlash.exe and the b3hc.cvt file, run WinDWFlash.exe, select your BenQ drive, click the “Select flash image” and point it to the b3hc.cvt file, click the “Flash the drive!” button.

That should work.


Here is my result with TDK DVD+R 8X (RICOHJPNR02) and my “DW800A”:


Now a quality scan of the disc:

Btw: for what I can seen, it’s a very fast burner and with great quality. My Nec 2500@2510 has also great quality burns but it’s slower because it starts the 8X burns at 4X then goes to 6X and finnally about the 2GB starts burning at 8X. On the other way, the burning graph is much more smooth because the speed drops occur only when it changes speed (just 2 times) and not all the time like the benq.


Mustang > Looks like a good burn but due to CPU usage i’d use this instead > Better program to use (free) and run disk quality under the extra drop down for already burned disks at 4x or 8x


well i already have a 800@822 using b3jc fine so i justed wanted to flash it

gonna do it later now that i see some ppl have done it


Downloaded the firmware 3 times but kept getting a CRC checksum just before I flashed. It ask me if I still wanted to continue, I tossed a coin and said yes :slight_smile: Running great so far on my CD burns, no DVDs yet though.


hmmmm - using current Nero only offers 1x/2x/2.4x for Ritek 8x -R . . . . . . . not exactly what you’d expect to see when the f/w ‘supports more media’


I have problems with Fuji003 DVD-R 8x rated Philips discs.
They are not supported at all and with nero only available speed is maximum.
When I burned a disc it burns at 1.2 - 1.3x and the disc can not be read.
Can someone try Fuji003 discs?


. . . never thought I’d be happy to see Q-Switch . . . WinDWflash plus B3HC.cvt did NOT work for me; but happily B3JC-2 did . . . . would advise extreme caution with this new B3KC f/w . . . I switched back after Ritek R05 wasn’t recognised properly (see above) & produces a poor burn w/ PIE at over 200 ave & then some crap media took 1hr 50 minutes to burn (set at 2.4x), & was unreadable. All this w/ a genuine 822A.