New Firmware for DW1680 and DW1800

Heheheh after all the efforts, they finally sent you those firmware…

Are those new firmwares fix the SolidBurn/Overspeed on Nero problem?

Yup, it works well on my DW1680.

Why don’t you try on your DW1800? And report it to me…


Hey man where did you get these firmwares from?? I dont see these firmwares on BenQ support sites.

Netto sent emails to BenQ because SolidBurn and OverSpeed function automatically disabled when we start Nero Burning ROM.

BenQ Service sent him 2 firmwares. It’s not released yet


It worked on both 1680 and 1800

I never thought BenQ support was this good. Dats coz i had email BenQ support here in India as to where would i get to buy latest BenQ drives( although the corresponding LiteOn drives are available) . And all i got is a system generated msg refering to someone but without a proper reply.

BTW netto/DimeDevil i would also like to email BenQ support. Kindly gimme the email address u sent ur emails to.


Thanks… Well then… I shall report to BenQ. Problem Solved!


I sent email directly from BenQ Singapore.

10X mate. i will try the same.

@ ronello

As I know. The BenQ doesn’t accept email from others mail account. You must fill the form, from these URL;

:bigsmile:I did that already

I just hope that they release a new DW 2000 firmware :smiley:

I hope they release new firmware for all their drives from the beloved 1640/50 to the not so loved rebadged LiteOns 2010:bigsmile:

Its high time they released updated firmwares for their drives.
BTW netto how long did the BenQ support people take to get back to you??

his first mail replied on 2007/04/05 17:45:29 :D:D:D

Will CK make a fast burn based on this firmware?

I meant to ask when had netto email BenQ. And when didthey reply back or rather after how many days did they reply??

Hi guys!!
Hey netto could u do me a favor. Please follow the same process that you followed and get me a new firmware for DW1640. From the same process i mean u contact BenQ Singapore like u did for 1680 and 1800. I am saying so because BenQ India has emailed me saying u need to visit the authorized service center for your drive’s problem which is total crap
this is what i emailed to the them.

“I have the BenQ DW1640 DVD-ReWriter with firmware version BSRB. This particular model seems to be quite weak at handling Verbatim branded 16X DVD+R(MID: MCC 004) media. I have got errors as well as burns at different speeds although it is 16X media. Since it is quite a popular brand of media please take a look into the matter. The writer has always had issues with different CD-RW media. Also when i burn DVD-R 8X media(MID: Plasmon1A) and use solidburn and overspeed Nero shows it to be writing at 16X but when I enable the ‘show actual write speed’ in miscellaneous options tag of Nero express the speed never goes beyond 8X. Kindly take a look at the above mentioned problems.
Will there be a firmware update for the BenQ DW1640 anytime soon with all strategies for the latest media?
Awaiting a quick reply.”

How foolish of them to tell me to go to the Service center for asking for a new firmware.
So please try and get the new firmware for my 1640 if possible.
Thanks in advance.

Try to record the problem on AVI… atleast that what netto did…


thanks for helping answer the question while I’m not online…


tell me your firmware version please. maybe I can help by foward it to BenQ Singapore. also if you can, please capture the problem into AVI or WMV, so BenQ can see the problems (like I did).


According to DimeDevil, the best firmware for BenQ 1640 is BSLB, can produce lower PIE/PIF. you can download it from;

Give it a try. And report the progress please.

Hi guyz,
I use the firmware version BSRB. And i dont really have a problem with my drive. Its just that at times my drive decides not to burn MCC 004 16X DVD+R s with different speeds. Also the CD-RW problem is similar. So i dont know when my drive will go wrong. In other words i cannot make an .avi like u did or i cant predict when my drive decides things on its own.:smiley:
All i am trying is to get newer firmware for my drive because BenQ has not released firmwares of late for any of their drives. So when i saw that you received this firmware from them i decided even i should try the same. May be they have better unreleased firmware for my drive.:slight_smile:

Both of guy thanx for the effort you are putting in.:clap: