New firmware for DVD burner BTC DRW1004IM available

I just posted the article New firmware for DVD burner BTC DRW1004IM available.

Marco BTC used our forum to tell us, that BTC has finished development on their new firmware version 0047 for the BTC DRW1004IM. The software is not yet available for download directly …

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“I don’t know of any other dual DVD burner that is currently able to support this feature.” Not true Herrie over at the Firmware page and BronKowTech45 are about to release a Hacked firmware for Bitsetting features! So I believe the Nec 1300 will have this feature first! for info check :stuck_out_tongue:

But it’s not supported by the manufacturer. And Herrie and BKT45 are also not ready yet. We’ll see who is first.