New Firmware for BenQ 1620 : B7V9!



It’s here fellows!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


i was about to post it…lol


Download here

Release Reasons:

  1. Improved the compatibility with nForce chipset.
  2. Fixed “no data found” issue of a CD-R disc which burnt by Nero and Simulation mode is selected.
  3. Added support for MJC 16x DVD+R, Giga 16x DVD-R & Ritek 16x DVD-R F1 media.


Nice one flashing it now…


great new firmware got to wait for the rpc1 one also …


How it is a pity! :stuck_out_tongue:


-> Ala42:

Once again, MediaCodeSpeedEdit can’t access to DVD+R changes because of new coded firmware…


Well first improvement that I’ve noticed is I get a better result when burning BenQ branded 8x DVD-R [SONY 08D1] at 12x
Here is it under B7T9 & B7U9 was pretty much the same.

Here it is with B7V9


Ah that’s interesting, now I will wait till RPC-1 is made available and mayB also speedpatch opportunities.


Can some one try the FW with the latest Nero CD DVD speed 3.80?
I am at work so I can’t myself !!!


The scan I posted above was with Nero CD/DVD Speed 3.80 so it does work, in fact every new version has always worked with the 1620 as long as you have the firmware B7P9 or greater.


Ok thanks


So how you guys think on V9 VS U9,between this 2 which one better?


Yeah,as i see from your test result V9 got improvement.Atleast V9 PIE lowest than T9.


If Ala42 will not support it by a speedpatch what for?


Well so far on some of the DVD+R/DVD-R media I have had no problem yet (will post scans later) but I havent tried any RW or DL but it looks good and worth trying definately.


Hope can see your test result soon. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


My first scan with B7V9 with TYG02 burned at 12x.


rapid fire,
That scan is absolutely wicked, you should post it in the Hall of Fame. Can’t wait to get home and try this new Firmware.


Yeah, i would try maybe later some scans if i’ve time enough.
Damn I must go to work!