New Firmware for ASUS CRW 5232 and CD-S520


ASUS has updated firmware for both the ASUS CRW 5232 as well as their CD reader CD-S520.

The new firmware for CRW 5232 is 1.01 and can be found at This is for IDE version only and not the USB.

The firmware 1.13 for CD-S520 can be found at

Makes two great products even better. Would welcome fellow ASUS owners reactions to these firmware.

Is there a way to flash this drive under FreeDOS?

My box runs Linux and I am looking for another possibility to take advantage of the new firmware. Is this possible?


There are ASUS DOS flash tools, but the firmware is not available in a suitable format for use with them :frowning:

Isn’t there any way out of this situation?

BTW I noticed that rev. 1.14 for CD-S520/A4 is available!

… and here is the link:

Sorry for the question… but I have an ASUS CD-S520/A with firmware 2.0K. How could this be possible? It’s a different drive model? What’s the differences between A and A4? It’s possible to flash this version into my drive?

I tried to update my Asus CRW-5232AS today but I had no luck. I get three times the error message “False Parameter”. After pressing three times ok the flasher told me the process was not successfully. However the drive works still so I assume the error occurred before the flashing.
I flashed under XP; the drive is attached to the secondary master on the internal mainboard controller; the chipset is an VIA KT400, installed is the miniport driver from VIA.
How can I flash my drive?