New Firmware for A10XL due anytime?

I hope pioneer is still developing FW for this drive as I see much potential with my drive. Anyone know when new FW may come?

Just ask Pioneer - we cannot know that.

The 111 is even better.

I know, but I can’t afford every # they add to a new model so quickly, the question was more or less the hope they are still developing for it since the 111 is prime time now. :doh:

From my experience with pc hardware for the past 8 years , I would say : NO

It is the way to force us to buy new hardware .
I am sure that a drive like 110/A10XL would improve very much only if Pioneer wanted to improve it . :a

You can already tweak it enough by crossflashing and using MCSE!

What am I going to do with this stack of burners? LOL

Building up an collection, hehe. :wink:

Hehe, I just picked up a 111D. Hoping your able to crossflash sometime…