New firmware for 851S and 451S now up

New firmware for the 851S and 451S are up:

I thought people with the 851S and 451S were on Santa’s bad list, but guess not after all. Yipee!! I am off to flash my 451S drive. Will see how is the new firmware performs on the Ritek G03 DVD-R go.

Thanks for the link.

I couldn’t get the latest version of DVDinfo Pro to work with my 451s but after flashing with the new bios it works fine.

I can’t seem to reach the liteonit site to download the new firmware, does anyone here have it they can share?

It’s down here aswell so I guess they are really down.

I will host the firmware for the 451s until they get their site back up.

Here is a link for the 451s firmware.

Link for

I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you for hosting that firmware link :slight_smile:

People like you make the forums worthwhile! :slight_smile:

Sad to report, but still no joy burning Ritek G03 DVD-R media with the new firmware. I got an error while burning an ISO image of my backup movie. I am wondering if other people are experiencing the same thing like I did.

BTW, DVD+R media burns without any problems.

I have burnt DVD-R TY 4x media with both the old and new firmware with no trouble.

I have some Ritek G04 media ordered that will be here some time next week. I will let you know how they do with the 451s.